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First Week of School

We made it through our first week of school, or more like I made it through our first week of school.  I tend to always have a hard time the first day/week of school.  This is when most of our…


Hattie is 4!

And now my sweet baby girl is 4! This past weekend was Hattie’s birthday.  We also happened to be going to my Mamaw’s for the weekend.  Since I knew other family members would be there I thought it would be…


July Happenings

Wow!  What a busy month July was!  Really our whole summer has been busy which is nice because we take a break from school and it keeps the kids busy.  We have just started to get into the slow weeks…


Annual Family Fishing Trip

This past Wednesday we got back from our annual family fishing trip.  If you know me or have been reading my blog for awhile then you know every summer we have a week long fishing trip with my family in…


Molly is 7

Molly turned seven this summer.  June 21st to be exact.  The older she gets the more I enjoy it.  I am still a little sad about all my babies not being babies anymore but I love this age too.  The…


Dance Recital

This past Friday was the girls end of the year dance recital.  Recital day always makes me question if we will do dance again the next year, and right now that is still do be determined.  I wasn’t sure how…


Schools Out For Summer

We are done!  Done with school for this school year.  It was like pulling teeth for them and me to get anything done this past week. I think we all feel the same about it being summer.  We are all…


Rainy Day Fun

Last week it felt like it rained non-stop for days.  Don’t get me wrong I am very thankful for the rain.  Anytime we get tons of rain though we also have a temporary pond in the yard.  I think this…


Garden 2015

Back in March we got busy working on getting the garden ready.  We knew we wanted it a little bigger than last years so it was going to need lots of work.  Bret tilled and tilled and the girls and…


Homeschool Lately

I always think at the start of each school year that I will do better about blogging about our homeschool journey, but I don’t.  Ha I just don’t feel like we are that interesting and I never take pictures.  This…